Arno RosenfeldReligious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC)

The RAC is the social justice and advocacy arm of the Reform Jewish Movement, the largest Jewish denomination in North America. At the RAC, I leveraged and grew the social and email audience of nearly 70,000 to take action on Congressional and state legislation, and I helped produced live events — from a border protest in El Paso to a reproductive rights rally in front of the Supreme Court — that strategically advanced and built power for the organization’s priorities.

I also ran marketing campaigns for our conferences, trainings, and digital events, including the L’Taken Teen Social Justice Seminars attended by thousands of young activists from across North America, and the virtual launch of Every Voice, Every Vote: The Reform Movement’s 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign, which reached over 5,000 people.

Case study: Launching Every Voice, Every Vote

In 2020, the RAC’s top priority was to successfully launch its civic engagement campaign. The organization had conducted its first such campaign in 2018, reaching 150,000 voters — and it wanted to exceed this goal in 2020.

The problem: Mobilize thousands of Reform Jews at a time when every political organization and campaign is vying for attention.
The solution: Target distinct Reform Jewish audiences with consistent messaging and move them toward a central goal: registering for the virtual launch.

  1. I grounded the campaign in the voice of RAC Director Rabbi Jonah Pesner. All our launch communications linked back to a blog post which combined his emotional appeal with clear steps to get involved in the campaign. 

“This modern plague has stolen our ability to conspire with physical presence, but it calls us to create a deeper conspiracy: to fight illness, to protect those most in need, and to strengthen our democracy... Now is the time for Reform Jews across the U.S. to use our voices and our votes to promote our values and ensure strong leadership at every level of government.”Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Conspiring to strengthen democracy in 2020

2. I comissioned and produced messages tailored for specific audiences, including our state affiliates, clergy and synagogue leaders, Reform Jewish youth group members, and professionals who work with high school and college students.

Examples of the six customized emails that went to each of the RAC’s state projects.

3. I ensured that Every Voice, Every Vote had strong branding with consistent graphics and language across all our communications channels.

From left to right: A Facebook event photo, Instagram graphic and campaign resource guide.

The result: Registration for our virtual launch event increased 260 percent compared to the 2018 campaign, with a capacity crowd on Zoom and over 10,000 viewers tuning in on Facebook Live.